Concierge Plus makes life easier for property managers and security companies by giving them new ways to drive productivity and make condo boards and residents happier.

Our online property management platform drives efficiencies by streamlining and automating processes, improving task management and providing convenient online access. Concierge Plus jump-starts your customer service by digitizing and efficiently managing day-to-day tasks such as announcements, deliveries, visitor parking, amenity bookings, daily shift notes and incident reporting.

Concierge Plus started in 1999, shortly after our founder, Peter, bought his first condo. While attending an AGM, and listening to owners chatting back and forth, the thought occurred: there must be a better way! In the months that followed, the first version of Concierge Plus debuted to the residents of his condo, and was adopted with incredible enthusiasm.

Other buildings in the area got wind of this solution, and it wasn't long before clients throughout North America were signing up, and new features were being planned and implemented.

While we look and act like a startup, Concierge Plus has been around for over 15 years. We have the experience and insight required to deliver a product reflective of the growing embrace and need for innovative and user-friendly technology. We are a team of more than 50 full-time employees, based in Toronto, one of the world’s hottest condo markets.

How We're Different

We believe that technology has to be simple for people to use and love it. We believe that simplicity starts with an intuitive interface, the ability to tailor the technology to meet individual needs, and is complemented by robust features, and most importantly, an excellent customer experience.

Concierge Plus has an ongoing commitment to innovation. We believe that our product is made better by listening to our customers and understanding what features and functionality will make their lives easier, and incorporating that feedback into our product development, on a regular basis.

We look forward to demonstrating to you why we are the industry standard in condo and building online management.

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Meet the Concierge Plus Leadership Team

Peter Pietrzkiewicz

CEO and Founder

A 20-year veteran in the web development and content management sectors, Peter created Concierge Plus in 1999 to be an all-in-one online property management platform for high-rise condos and HOAs/low-rise communities.

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Bob Tune

Chief Financial Officer

Bob Tune, our Chief Financial Officer, has been helping small to medium companies grow for over three decades. Bob knows the best way to set up companies and has worked in a senior finance capacity with both private and public organizations.

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Brent St. Pierre

General Manager

Brent’s passion for creating products and services that improve Clients’ productivity and quality of life, results oriented approach and problem solving was honed while leading Digital solutions teams in both large corporations and nimble start-ups in Toronto, Houston, Milan, Beijing, India and Israel.

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Ian Walker

Creative Director

As Concierge Plus’ creative director, Ian brings an eagle-eye approach to detail and an motivating spirit that encourages everyone around him.

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Matt Belanger

Technical Director

Matt is a natural leader who has managed the technical implementation of a number of successful web development projects. He has a strong background in development, as well as in-depth knowledge of technical implications for every step of the project management process and the long range business objectives.

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Valeria Moniz

Human Resources Director

At the heart of our organization is Valeria Moniz, our Human Resources Director. With decades of experience in both complex and boutique-style organizations, Val specializes in recruitment, performance management, benefits & compensation, employee retention, leadership, and coaching.

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Kiran Mangat

Sales Director

Kiran, Concierge Plus’ Sales Director, has a background in consulting, banking (Canada and Europe) and government, Kiran brings a wide range of skills to the team. Most recently, he has been offering sales consulting extensively in the software and online industries.

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Gustavo Simon

Lead Application Developer

Gustavo is a full-stack web developer who creates visually stunning, high performing websites, web applications and mobile apps that empower clients and drive sales.

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