Property Managers: Attract Long Term Owners

July 26th, 2017

People move to condos for many different reasons. Given the rise in housing prices, many are opting to downsize. (With amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and common areas that don’t require maintenance, it’s no wonder people are opting to downsize.)

Some are simply looking for the ease and convenience of condo life and others are looking for something that fits their lifestyle. Fundamentally it’s about convenience. Realtors might get potential renters or buyers in the door, but Property Managers can do their part (with small steps!) that make a condo community feel like a must-have home.

Make sure buyers and renters are wow’d by the front entrance, after all, a first impression always sticks! If your building does not have a concierge or security personnel to welcome guests, make sure the entrance is clean and tidy and if possible, stylish with updated artwork and furniture. Even flowers can go a long way.

Highlight the amenities. Make sure your concierge or front desk team are well versed in all that your building (and surrounding area!) has to offer. Amenities should also be kept clean and presentable. If you have a media or other common room, remember to highlight those too.

Within the unit, make sure that upgrades are brought to buyers’ attention.  Some condos are also now offering incentives for large units like extra storage space, gym memberships, free grocery delivery service, modern kitchen appliances, and electronics.

A little goes a long way.

Hey Management Companies: looking to keep those amazing rental tenants? When it comes time to renew a lease, think about incentives that are attractive both today and in the long run. A gift card might be appreciated by your current tenant and after all, it’s tax deductible!

Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of modern convenience; highlight the ease of communication that your residents will enjoy (and subsequent time and hassle they’ll save!)

Take your parking, visitor / caregiver entry instructions, amenity bookings, maintenance requests, and package pickup online. There’s a solution for every condo community size, for more information click here.