4 Ways Property Managers Can Engage their Residents this Summer

June 1st, 2016

Summer is finally upon us!

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and the community pool is busier than ever. It’s also the time of year when people take time off. Residents will be in and out of the community on weekend trips and longer vacations all summer. With so much going on, here are 4 great ways to engage residents and keep them in the know during the summer months.

1) Stay connected with weekly announcements or a monthly newsletter: Good communication makes for happy residents. Why not create a weekly newsletter to send out via e-mail (or even post in your lobby!) to keep residents up-to-date on important events or changes in the community.

2) Communicate board minutes & meeting notes: Even though residents may be away on vacation, they still want to know what the board is working on. Follow up with residents via email or a letter outlining current board of directors’ ‘projects and important updates in the community. 

3) Communicate vacation dates: For property managers taking vacation why not use a simple community-wide notification (either by e-mail, posting in common areas, or on the television in the lobby) to let residents know who is in charge while you are gone. 

4) Throw an end-of-summer BBQ: The summer months are busy for everyone and it’s hard to plan community events during this time. So why not send out a save-the-date now for an end-of-summer party? It’s a great way for residents to socialize & catch up after their busy summers. Be sure to take lots of pictures and share via e-mail or on an online photo gallery.