Property Managers: Get Your Team on the Same Page

June 15th, 2016

There’s a saying, attitude reflects leadership. That’s what we believe at Concierge Plus and we think it rings true across any industry. Whether it’s a condo community or an office environment, when everyone feels that they are part of a team, great things happens. Follow these simple tips for getting everyone on your team results-oriented and focused on the end-goal—whether that’s making residents happy or creating a great product!

Our goal at Concierge Plus is to not only evolve with the times but anticipate tech trends as well. Make sure you are up on by-laws, trends, and current events in your local area—especially as they pertain to real estate and property development.

Team Meetings: every Monday we have an “all-hands” meeting where all departments in the company gather together to hear about company news and upcoming events. It’s also a chance for employees to share any news they might have as well as ask any questions they might have. While not every announcement may not pertain to every employee, it’s important to include everyone so that the entire team is a part of our corporate culture.

Show that everyone is valued. A fun tradition we have at Concierge Plus is taking the time to acknowledge everyone’s birthday (and we are not a small team!!) in a unique way that reflects their personal style. We know from feedback that team members really appreciate it and we always encourage other companies to try it too. It’s a very simple, cost- and time-effective way to show your team you care!

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