Small But Mighty: meet the features you can't live without

August 9th, 2017

We all know the big ones—Parking Management, Entry Instructions, Parcel Delivery, Maintenance Requests, and Amenity Bookings—but here’s what our customers say they can’t live without!

  1. Automated Notifications – Kyle Scroggs of Community Management Associates told us that among other features, this handy tool was a big part of why CMA chose Concierge Plus as their technology partner. Read about Kyle here.
  2. Community Calendar – This amazing partnership is our first husband and wife team! Sean and Shannon are at the helm of Lee Management Solutions and love our Community Calendar because it keeps everyone organized, working efficiently, and of course, the fact that it’s online means it’s paperless and safe & secure.
  3. Incident Reporting & Announcements – We all hope that disasters won’t strike, but it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard. Here’s what Board President Claudine Gutt, had to say about Concierge Plus, “We implemented the system about a two years ago and it has been very successful as well as user-friendly. Additionally there are new features that are constantly being added that are extremely beneficial, such as the Emergency Alert [Announcements] system. It’s important to have in place should we need it."

Bonus: Go Green! – Shir Dayan of 1500 Ocean Parkway Corp in Brooklyn had this to say, “Concierge Plus enhances our communication with our tenants and shareholders, and it helps us streamline the process of our daily tasks quickly. We are more efficient and organized overall, and of course, we’re greener now, too! We have stopped the printing and mass mailing of reports by simply posting them on our site.”

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