Holiday Rescue: Parcel Delivery Management Issues Solved!

October 24th, 2016

For some buildings, the summer holidays can mean an overwhelming amount of packages coming in when residents are away on vacation. Using Automated Notifications is a great way to alleviate Package Delivery Stress! Here are three tips for simplifying your parcel management and communications processes.

1. Be Prepared & Know Your Building.

Do you manage a condo or housing association with several families or is the community more boutique and primarily occupied by young professionals? Will residents be away for the summer holidays or do you expect to be receiving many out-of-town guests (with luggage!) during the coming weeks? Make an action plan for not only the process of receiving parcels (where will you store them?) but receiving guests as well.

2. Make Room for Travel Plans.

It’s one thing to store a parcel for a resident who will pick up their parcel at the end of the work day. But what about families who will be away for weeks at a tme, perhaps at the cottage and out of touch? 

Summer is a time when many peoples’ regular routines are greatly altered, so consider sending out a Concierge Plus Newsletter asking residents to inform front desk of any special instructions or requests for the holidays. Make sure Unit & User Profiles are updated with resident mobile phone numbers so that they can receive SMS notifications (in addition to emails) letting them know that their package has arrived.

3. Offer In-home Delivery.

Use the Concierge Plus Entry Instructions feature and perhaps offer a limited time in-home option for front desk personnel to drop off the package in residents’ units. This would be ideal for buildings with no more than thirty or so units.