Why Seamless Integration is Key

July 11th, 2016

Hi. I’m Carlos, one of the Customer Success Coaches at Concierge Plus. If there's one thing we've learned from working with Property Managers, Condo Board Association Members, and Property & Tech Industry Leaders, it's that people come first. Technology is great, but as our CEO, Peter Pietrzkiewicz, always says: "in order for technology to be a success it has to be accessible. It has to work for people and it has to make their lives easier."

And that's where I come in! I lead the onboarding process for new Concierge Plus customers. I work directly with Property Managers and their team to ease the burden of transitioning to online property management. That means I help them set up their new dedicated website (often in person!) and show management and staff how best to use the site as it relates to their specific building needs. 

We also provide ongoing support and training every step of the way. We stick with our customers and if they have questons down the road, we speak with them directly. Our product is automated, but we are real live humans!

Okay so let's get to the idea of Seamless Integration and why it's so important to you:

Having the chance to work directly with Property Managers has given me access to amazing customer feedback. It’s extremely valuable to our product development processes.

In fact, the feedback that we receive from Property Managers goes directly into making our products better! We create new features and drive enhancements based on what our customers need.

Whether it's our responsive design, easy to use features for all--whether you are a tech-savvy manager, hands on security or front desk personnel, or a busy condo board member--or our multi-plaftorm accessibility (use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to check in at your convenience) seamless integration is the backbone of our not only our product, but our customer service as well.

And speaking of integration: did you know that we are fully integrated with TOPS accounting software? (We've got big news on that front, so stay tuned for upcoming annoucements!)

Our goal at Concierge Plus is to continuously evolve and provide not only the best products and features for our customers, but the best service as well.

With plans already rolling out to expand our breadth of offerings and our communities (did you know we’re growing in both the U.S. and Canada?) we’re really excited about the rest of 2016 and beyond and we look forward to welcoming more amazing residents to the Concierge Plus community. As always, I'm here to help should you have any questions. (Just look at the bottom right hand side of our website to that friendly face asking if you have any questions!)