Three Tips for Toronto Condos

July 28th, 2016

Toronto has more than 130 active condo developments at present—that’s more than New York and in fact, it’s more than any other city in North America.

With ample options to choose from when it comes to discerning buyers, what are you doing to stay ahead? Here are three quick tips for standing out in arguably one of the most competitive landscapes in recent real estate history:

Turn to Engineers to Manage Major Projects:

Many experts recommend using a third-party engineer for large bodies of work. Why? Independent engineers oversee a project while never having an option to bid on the work themselves. That way, they will ensure that no unnecessary work is performed; this will save you money.

Communicate Transparently with Owners:

Ask your condominium’s management company to host an owners’ meeting or social gathering. This will go a long way towards building a community of engaged residents.

Ensure that your Management Company is Active:

A good management company is up to date on the latest and most efficient ways to run a residential property smoothly and is dedicated to serving the needs of the community.

Make sure both the security firm and the management company working for you are aligned with, and supportive of, the long term happiness of your owners and tenants. For more information about working with a security firm (and why you should seriously consider it) request a free demo today.