Then holidays are just around the corner. Are you ready? Your residents might already be thinking about hosting their own parties. Managing a party-sized number of visitors to any condo community can add a significant amount of work to your already-busy front desk staff. Here are some important things to keep in mind this summer season.

1. Book Early: suggest the party room or other common area for a holiday soiree. Remind residents to submit their online booking requests early via the Amenity Bookings form.

2. Check the Guest List: submit visitor names to concierge or front desk security with the Entry Instructions form. This will save time and headache for both residents and staff as guests begin to arrive.

3. Parking: encourage residents to pre-print their parking passes using either the at-home option or by requesting that front desk provide the passes. Guests will be pleased that this is already taken care of when they arrive.

4. Party Permits: if your resident has decided to host their party in a common area, do they require alcohol permits? Help them (and yourself!) by being on top of what is required in terms of licensing, permits, and any other legal documents for hosting a party in a public space.

5. Coat Check: don’t be stuck without a pre-determined place to keep coats and bags. Make sure there is a secure coatroom available to guests who are attending parties in common areas. Tip: build this important security presence into the cost of booking the party room.

Post these tips in a common areas or send out an e-blast to residents in your community! Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a free demo! Email