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Community Websites that WOW!

By November 2, 2017 No Comments

Learn about Total Customization for your Resident Portal Homepage

Concierge Plus is already the easiest-to-use system with the most features and benefits for your community. Based on feedback from you – our customers – we’ve further enhanced the public-facing homepage for your community to have the most features and flexibility in the industry, not to mention the most beautifully curated designs. We can help you make your community website something to be proud of!

What’s New:

You can now select from multiple layout options for the logo and login area of your community resident portal. What’s more, you can use a slide show for full-width background images.

Next, the introductory area and community facts (when your community was built, the name of the developer, or anything else you want to add) can be more easily highlighted.

Listening to Our Customers:

Many of you have asked for a better, easier way to contact management, the board, or anyone else. Well, you can now do that directly from your community’s homepage! Do this with any number of recipients and don’t worry, no one will know the email address(es) of the recipients of your communication.

Showcase your Community!

If you have more photos of your community that you’d like to showcase, you can now add a slideshow to load them. They’ll display in an easy-to-navigate format for visitors to your site.

Want to show off your amenities or community calendar?

You can publish information about amenities directly on the homepage. Similarly, your community calendar can be made accessible to the general public as well. Concierge Plus offers a high degree of flexibility so you can select which categories of amenities and events are made publicly accessible.

We’ve also further enhanced the way public documents are shared, the way classified ads display, and have added the option to access Google Street View from your map.

And of course, Concierge Plus in its entirety, including the homepage, is fully-responsive, meaning it will be viewed perfectly on any type of device: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Questions? New to Concierge Plus? We are always here to help. Get in touch today for a free demo or email us at