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East vs West: what’s the difference in condo management styles?

By March 16, 2017 No Comments

Is there a difference between management styles from coast to coast? Are NYC condo managers cool and modern in their approach while west side communities remain laid back and surfer-chill? We’ve travelled from the east down to the south to see if the typical cultures of each city are reflected in the condos situated there…

New York.

A couple of months ago, we spoke with Jason McLaughlin from New Bedford Management in New York City.  This self-proclaimed “east coast guy at heart had a lot to say about where he thinks technology is going, When asked what changes Jason foresees taking place over the next decade or so, he immediately turned to technology. “I don’t see how successful property management companies will be able to function without it in the future. Companies like Concierge Plus are going to be integral to managing the day to day. That is already the case for us. In our buildings, for example, Concierge Plus streamlines everyone; the residents, staff, and management are all on the same page.”

Over to Chicago.

Are those famous Midwest values present in condos? Definitely! Aaron Fogg, President and Founder of Semper Fi Doorman Inc. wanted to build something that helped others, particularly veterans. After serving in the military, Aaron enrolled in college for an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and then immediately pursued his Master’s degree in the same field following graduation. “Our goal is to utilize confident armed forces veterans who fit with the personality of the building,” added Mr. Fogg. “We utilize employees who are actively engaged in the position. This results in a superior level of customer service.”

And down to Miami!

The say “life’s a beach” but imagine living and working on one! Luz Ibanez, the Community Association Manager has quite the enviable job of managing the beautiful Ocean Tower Two condominiums in Biscayne, Florida. She’s a passionate nature love and finds peace with her two pups waking along the beach. “We always walk the sandy beaches together. I love being in nature, it’s where I find my peace.”

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