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Five Condo Gadgets We Love!



1. Controlling access to your condo starts with the front desk—so make sure your concierge uses an online platform that allows for automated entry instructions. But what about access to your specific unit? The Goji deadbolt lock system works with your smart phone, and stops you from ever having to dig into your purse or pockets to search for your keys.

You can also send access to your home to anyone via text or email, and program specific dates and times of entry for special deliveries or services. If you’re not at home, Goji will take a picture of anyone who approaches your door and send it to your smart phone.

2. Beat the heat and your electricity bill with a cool cell phone that charges manually! This touch-screen phone, called “Mechanical Mobile” by Mikhail Stawsky, charges by spinning it around on your finger. Say goodbye to running out of battery!

3. How about a bookcase that doubles as a bed? Check out this amazing idea from designer Karen Babel. This idea is great for small spaces and certainly an updated take on the dated Murphy bed…

4. Speaking of bed, do you have trouble getting out of yours? Try this Welcome Mat Alarm Clock. Designers Sofie Colin and Gustav Lanberg have come up with the perfect solution for those days when it’s tough to get moving.

5. Set the mood with this neat smart-phone controlled lighting system from Philips Hue. As featured on HGTV Canada, you can choose from several modes, including “Concentrate” which help you stay focused. When you’re out of town you can set timers for lights to go on and off. The Hue light bulbs produce all shades of white, from warm to cold, as well as colour, and use as much as 80% less energy than regular light bulbs.