Trade Shows: What To Expect

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Here are our top takeaways from CAI Canada Inaugural Conference & Expo 2019

The Community Association Institute has opened up a chapter in Canada and we are so thrilled to have been a sponsor at their first ever event! Held in Toronto, here are our top takeaways from the CAI Canada Inaugural Conference & Expo 2019.

What is the CAI?

The CAI provides education, licensing, and credentialing opportunities to board members, professionals, and condo and strata managers across Canada

Trade shows, conferences and expo’s are a great chance to meet with fellow industry experts and the professionals who use our platform every day. It’s an exciting time in HOA/Condo Community Management for those creating new digital resident and management solutions.

Overall, we are seeing a continued shift towards digitizing the world of property management. Here are our top five trends and takeaways from this exciting event:

  • Did you know that electronic voting is now permitted for condo communities in Ontario?
  • Building a professional team is as important as ever: as a board member or property manager, your legal counsel, accounting, engineering, administration, and key contractors should be available to you when you need them most (that’s before disaster strikes) so have a plan in place.
  • Management truly is digital now you need to be up to date. Do you have a safe and secure data storage system in place? (We do. Request a free trial today.)
  • Best practices for service requests, notifications, safe storage of resident/owner information (in addition to management) are now all done online. Are you up to date? (Click here to see what you can take online.)
  • Important documents, meeting minutes, and even conversations relating to daily operations should be recorded electronically. This helps PM’s stay aligned with their board members and residents.

For more information on taking your community online (and to try us for free) click here.