Today’s condominium owners are mobile, connected and socially active. Their lives exist on an entirely different platform – the Internet. Text messaging is outpacing e-mail and voicemail because it’s a simple and fast communication.

But while residents are adapting to a new connected lifestyle, are property managers and condo boards keeping pace?

For newly established condominiums the quick answer is “yes.” The recently constructed Sync Lofts on Queen Street East in Toronto, are pre-wired with many of today’s technological developments such as built-in iPod docking stations and building-wide Wi-Fi Internet. However, older condominiums are having trouble keeping pace with the new tech savvy community that exists within its walls. But solutions do exist.

The market is flooded with a multitude of approaches, from sophisticated property management tools to community Facebook pages that attempt to address the latest technological needs of residential communities. In the search for the right tool, the greatest asset available to any property manager or condo board is simplicity. If the platform is accessible and intuitive, then residents will experience minimal disruption and naturally implement it into their lives.

The concept of a simple platform pours directly into the daily activities of residents and property management. When starting to search for a digital solution, ensure the tool addresses both the personal needs of residents and the professional needs of the organization. From delivery notifications to repairs and community message boards, finding a simple and centralized platform empowers residents, management and board members to actively participate in their community.

Concierge Plus is an online community portal designed to help property management carry out specific administrative tasks while connecting to residents and condo board members. Residents who are provided with this technology are connected to their community regardless of their location. Simple activities like booking amenities are available online through real-time calendars. Parcel notifications are instantly pushed to residents’ e-mail and digital lobby displays provide up-to-date information for the entire community. Quite simply, the Concierge Plus platform enables residents and management to easily take care of everything in one place.

Making the switch to a digital platform comes with several benefits

A digital administrative platform is paperless, accurate and streamlines all administrative tasks. By saving time, management saves money. And by simplifying property management while simultaneously reducing operating costs, the financial result is always positive.

A digital platform is also eco-friendly. Eco-generation residents look for efficiencies not only in architectural design but also in new avenues of modern sustainability. By taking the initiative to introduce new levels of efficiency, residents will participate knowing they’re making a positive impact on the environment.

Another benefit is the platform builds a real sense of community. The modern condominium owner who lives the mobile lifestyle can see what’s happening inside the community in real-time. They can book their building’s party room from anywhere at any time or even browse community posted classifieds. When residents are provided with easy access to information, they’re empowered and connected at an entirely new level.

At the core of any dynamic residential community is a need for efficient and effective communication. By facilitating communication between residents, management and board members, new avenues of progress become readily available. Imagine the simplicity of polling an entire community in only a few clicks and receiving instantaneous real-time results.

The truth is modern consumers love the convenience of instantly getting something they want. And for condos that don’t have the budget or time for an interior technological overhaul, digital administrative platforms offer a simple, cost-effective measure to keep pace with modern communities.


This article was written by Philip Ginther and was first featured in REMI Network/CondoBusiness. 2012