All these fancy terms have come together to affect the world in an unexpected way: the residential experience. Our day to day lives have been upended in increasingly fundamental ways, altering the way we interact with each other and the work we create. The job of property management needs to adapt to this transformation.

One of the most poignant areas of this change can be found in the shifting expectations of the residents that a property manager serves. No longer content with the traditional amenities and styles of management, these new, tech-savvy residents require more modern processes and increased communication.

Being proactive about the changes being made in the industry can go a long way to establish yourself as a quality property manager that can consistently deliver exceptional resident experiences.

Property management and technology

Luckily, many of the changes brought about by the technologization of society go a long way towards making the job of the property manager far easier than it ever has been! So long as you use the right tools for the job such as good property management software, your business is guaranteed to thrive in the new environment created by resident’s changing expectations. Here are some of the many benefits that a proactive property manager can take advantage of:

Property Mangement Industry Changes

Transition to the cloud

By moving your business over to the cloud, many processes that once required manual execution can now be done remotely via the internet. These days, many property managers use various tools to allow their residents to book amenities online, rather than wasting hours on trying to get in touch with them by phone or by visiting the office.

Making this move also has strategic implications beyond streamlining normal day-to-day operations. Using cloud technology, you can create, edit, and distribute announcements easily and effectively by email, text message (SMS) and automated phone call. You no longer have to spend hours on slipping printed material under your residents’ doors and can instead focus on more important tasks which leads to better customer service.

Automate your maintenance requests

One of the most frustrating things for a resident is when something goes awry in their unit. Unfortunately, this is a question of when, not if. No matter how attentive and proactive you are, there will always be infrastructural issues with your property that demand your attention.

Using property management software, you can build automated process for collecting service requests and logging comments and problems, you can build a sense of trust with your residents that their space is being well cared for. It also makes it easier to track the issues that require your attention and address them in a timely manner. Just make sure you capitalize on this new system with quality, professional work!

Mischief managed

Change is a double-edged sword. Your business can thrive should you choose to embrace the new world, while rejecting it could mean ruin. Now that you’re aware of all the ways software can aid your day-to-day processes and improve the overall resident experience of your properties, it’s time to select the best tools for the job.

Peter Thomson

Piper Thomson works with G2 as a Content Marketing Associate. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, they graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in Sociology. Their interests include podcasts, rock climbing, and understanding how people form systems of knowledge in the digital age.