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Manage Your Parking Better Now


Let’s face it: we have all been frustrated by inefficient parking at times. Your residents are no different, and neither are their visitors. The same goes for bicycle organization, too!


Whether your community has a manned gatehouse or is a boutique loft-style building without a doorman, our simple parking management feature will simplify your life by allowing front desk staff, property managers, security personnel, and even residents to easily track which parking spaces, bikes, and lockers belong to which unit.

We’ve also added the ability for security and front desk personnel to print parking passes using our optional pass printer. This brand new feature is perfect for communities without full-time parking management personnel.Visitor passes will now also display unit numbers by default. (This capability can be turned off in your settings at any time.)

Here they are in greater detail: make sure you have rolled out these features in your community and get in touch with any questions!

A Parking Pass Printer

The Concierge Plus Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer will simplify your visitor parking process and make both staff and residents’ lives easier. Residents can print parking passes from the comfort of their home or office while property managers retain administrative control and can set limits on the number of parking passes available to residents.  


Visitor Parking

Our parking pass printer connects easily to your current computer and facilitates tracking of visitor vehicle details such as license plate number, make, and colour. A parking pass receipt will print automatically for visitors to display on their dashboards.

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