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Condo Parking Pass Printers: Beyond Online Management

By August 30, 2018 No Comments

Whether you have a front desk concierge, dedicated security team, or are managing a boutique loft with no one at the helm of your gatehouse, parking is a common pain for everyone!

Did you know that Concierge Plus offers parking pass printers to simplify resident and visitor parking? Beyond our online Parking Management feature, this printer was specially made to organize and streamline the parking process for all members of your condo or HOA community. 

Make parking a hassle free experience for everyone involved by using a parking pass printer from Concierge Plus. It connects easily to your computer and facilitates tracking of visitor vehicle details such as license plate number, make, and colour. A parking pass receipt will print automatically for visitors to display on their dashboards.

About the Printer:

When visitors come to your building, residents can either print visitor parking passes from the comfort of their home (using access controls set by you, the administrator) and have them available to their guests, or, guests can sign in with the front desk and receive parking passes from for the during of their stay.

Not only does this save time and headache, it gets your building organized (security can track which visitor belongs to which car and how long they are permitted to remain in the spot for).

Parking Passes help you gain (or regain!) control of your building’s parking lot both for visitors and residents.

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