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These features will help you spring clean in a snap!

It’s already time to think about Spring Cleaning! Along with getting outdoors and enjoying your beautiful city, it’s also a time to think about cleaning.

Attention Property Managers: check out these three features—and quick tips—to help you make the most of your spring cleaning in the least amount of time.

1. Visitor Parking Management. Before those bicycles start appearing, get on top of your Parking Management processes. If your bike storage area is indoors, check it for old or forgotten bikes and remind residents (via the Announcements Feature) that they’ll need to update their information in order to store their bikes in the garage. (Tip: you can use the Concierge Plus Unit & User Manager to update these important details!) See a comprehensive list of the features here.

2. Announcements. Are some of your residents still deferring to paper-based communication? Invite everyone to commit to the environment this spring and go paperless.

3. Quick Votes. Our Quick Votes tool helps Property Managers gather the opinions of residents quickly and efficiently. When the weather starts to warm, why not ask for a general consensus on what should be done with the common BBQ’s, outdoor gardens, or other areas shared by all. This handy feature will boost community engagement and provide insight on important issues within your residential community.