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Three Part Series: Do you know the new regulations?

By January 30, 2018 No Comments

See what’s changed for Ontario based condo boards, management teams, and residents.

Well 2017 was a big year, and it’s just getting started! The province of Ontario received a true overhaul in condo-related laws for the first time in sixteen years. Whether you live or work in a condo (or perhaps you’re on the board of one) you’ll want to make sure you’re abreast of these important changes:

The first big update is a more streamlined approached to dispute resolution. A review of the existing processes revealed a power imbalance as well as time-consuming, costly options. A new solution has been created to correct these issues and includes splitting the dispute resolution functions between two independent self-funded bodies that will move through a three-stage process. You can learn more about that here.

Next, anyone appointed to serve a condo community, be it a member of the board or the actual president, will have to take a three-hour online course. This will assist in upholding good governance and a well-maintained condo from both the operational and resident standpoint. You can learn more about the CAO’s director training here.

Finally, the Condo Authority of Ontario has mandated that all condo corporations in Ontario be officially registered with them as the governing body. This will assist in improving condominium living in the province by providing services and protections to condo owners overall. Update: the deadline to register has recently been extended to February 28th, 2018, as outlined here by Condo Adviser.

As we look towards 2018 and beyond, safety and security are at the forefront of management and condo boards’ minds. Nowhere is this more prevalent than when it comes to online security. Ontario condominium communities can expect new regulations regarding cyber-security—particularly storage of resident information—and, following the example of many U.S states (like this one) you can expect to see the beginning of mandatory online management platforms in condominiums.

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