Welcome to the end of our three part series on property management trade shows. In this final post, we’ll cover exactly how to make the most of your time at a trade show.

  • Trade shows are a flurry of action often with multiple events taking place at the same time. Go over the line up of presenters, exhibits and roundtables you want to attend. Do this ahead of time. Plan out your schedule so you don’t miss important events.
  • Trade shows are an amazing resource for ideas and inspiration! Know which vendors will be in attendance and carve out time to discuss your goals with them. 
  • Be open to sales pitches and demos. You never know when you will find something of value. If it turns out you’re really not interested, say no and move on. Vendors are used to this.
  • Bring someone if you can. Maybe you have an assistant or administrator. A great way to keep them engaged with their work is to get them to see the bigger picture of this industry.

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