Property Managers should really get out and attend industry trade shows as much as they can. But why? In this three part series on property management trade shows we’ll explain why it’s a great idea to attend, what to expect, who you’ll meet, and what’s in it for you.

    • You can talk shop with other PM’s. Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet and mingle with others in your industry. You’ll make new connections, learn from your colleagues, and expand your network!
    • Next, learn about new vendors. Trade shows are a great opportunity to interact with service providers that help you manage the daily operations in your condo or HOA community. It’s also a chance to meet new vendors you might not have considered as additions to your team.
    • Trade shows are a great place to explore emerging technologies as well as ask questions and learn from the reps in real time. Keep your community ahead of the curve by staying on top of new trends in tech.
    • Free swag! Okay this one is just for fun but it’s true: trade shows are a great place to stock up on fun gadgets and gear, so why not?

Concierge Plus attends many property management trade shows all over North America where we demonstrate our comprehensive solutions for making condo and HOA operations more efficient and cost-effective. Try it out for free today