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What exactly is an automated notification?

By April 17, 2019 No Comments

Are you making the most of your Concierge Plus Automated Notifications feature?

This feature is one our most dynamic offerings; check out everything it can do for your residential community!

Did you know? We also offer hardware integration to automate package deliveries with a barcode scanner and a digital signature pad. And, residents can choose to be notified by text message (SMS) or by an automated phone call (no hardware required!). Perfect for urgent and timely notifications!

We work with condos, HOA’s, and residential communities of all sizes and yet, we’re always hearing a similar story: our clients are busy people who crave convenience. After all, isn’t that one of the enviable perks of managed living?

Why do residents love our Automated Notifications feature?

People choose to live in condos, at least in part, because they are looking for a simplified approach to the “business of living”. No more unanswered phone calls when maintenance is required, no more wondering if the party room request was received, and no more wondering if that package was delivered or picked up.

It’s all about communication.

And speaking of just that, what could be simpler and more convenient than an automated text message sent directly to a mobile phone, letting residents know that their package was picked up and signed for in a digitized logbook that will never lose its info? SMS Messaging is just one of many convenience-based tools that makes Property Managers and their staff feel like multi-tasking superstars. Get in touch today to start your free trial