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Why Your Condo Needs Security… Now.

By April 24, 2019 No Comments


Do you work for a Security or Property Management Firm? Many don’t realize how integral the security team is the success of your condo. Here’s what you need to know:


Security companies are responsible for a host of duties when it comes to condo management. They might include operating in-house guards, updating the daily shift log, tracking visitor parking, monitoring entry instructions to the building, package parcel delivery and pick-up, and, of course, reporting on a daily or weekly basis.

Security personnel are often juggling a lot of moving parts, especially when they have to play “double duty” and act as the concierge during off peak hours. Make sure your building has an online system for organizing everything that is going on and has gone on in the community.

For many folks, the safety factors associated with condo living are a huge consideration in choosing life in a residential community. Whether it’s a secure parking lot or controlled access to a building, it’s important for all residents to feel safe. Your building’s Entry Instructions feature should be updatable from anywhere and make residents feel confident that access to the building is monitored, automated and recorded on a secure site.

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