Let’s Talk About Tech

By March 18, 2019 No Comments

Will bringing technology into your condo truly add value??

We get asked this quite a bit. Most folks are already using smartphones and time-saving apps to help them communicate faster and more efficiently, and manage their day-to-day tasks in a seamless manner. It makes sense then, that a residential community could benefit from the same approach.

However, many people are still struggling with this idea. What about privacy rights? Legal issues? How do we get everyone on board? No doubt, there are differing views on the subject and it can be tricky for property managers and association members to clearly articulate the benefits to the community as a whole.

Some residents might already be quite engaged online and with social media: they are therefore more inclined to support an online community experience. Others, however, might need a bit more convincing…

By enlisting a trusted partner to speak on your behalf, such as the head of the owners’ association or a board member, residents will feel as though they are being listened to, and that they have a chance to voice their concerns. Here are some guidelines for outlining the benefits of bringing technology into your residential community.

1. Safety is our first concern: the dedicated community website you choose must be 100% secure, protecting resident information comes first. But it doesn’t stop there; bringing technology into your residential community should enhance the level of security not just online, but in and around the building as well. Look for features such as automated parking, round the clock entry instructions (up-dateable from the comfort of home), and secure package delivery tracking.

2.  Save time. People who are weary of adopting new technologies often feel that it will take too long to learn, break down, or perhaps be unreliable. Have your advocate communicate the ease and time-saving benefits of taking your community online—not to mention the convenience. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, a new cleaning lady, or a request to book the party room, residents shouldn’t have to take their chances that a front desk representative will be free to assist them. By automating booking processes, residents will save time and undoubtedly, headache.

3. It’s seamless. In addition to saving time and increasing safety in the building, taking the management of any property online makes day-to-day operations a smooth and seamless process. From resident-facing tasks such as parcel pick-up and parking management, to back-of-house operations such as daily overview (at shift-change) and disseminating announcements, everything will run faster and smoother.

For more tips on how to communicate the amazing benefits of taking your community online get in touch today! (Psst: take advantage of our free trial! Click the orange button above.)