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Top Ways To Use Social Media In Your Condo

By October 10, 2018 No Comments

The Greater Toronto Area has 356,000 condo and apartment units—but how many communities do we have?

There is no reason for condominiums and HOA’s to miss out on the full potential social media provide within their communities. Here are three quick ways to ameliorate your existing online condo platforms:

1. Create a dedicated hashtag for your Twitter feed and encourage condo residents to stay up to date on the latest community news. Remember: different people naturally gravitate towards different channels of communication, so don’t miss out by relying on one platform. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Vimeo, Pinterest, whatever it takes to reach your readers and keep your community engaged.

2. Host a tweet up! Here’s a great way to see who’s actually reading your tweets. A tweet-up invites participants to get together for a casual gathering such as drinks in the reception area. Tip: when it comes to gathering resident, board, and owner feedback, always choose shindigs over surveys! Hosting an event will give you the chance to gather open and honest feedback in a relaxed environment.

3. Stay consistent – there’s nothing worse than a dusty blog or stale social feed that lives out in the Twitterverse all by itself. Stay active and make sure tweets, posts, blogs, and anything else you’re doing to connect with your residents, happens often (i.e. daily).

Above all else, stay true to the spirit of your condo community. If you manage a retirement residence, make sure you’re showcasing local events, seniors’ health tips, and other relevant information on your online community platforms. Or, let’s say you manage a boutique condo in the heart of the downtown core, you should highlight local eateries, hot spots, and the arts’ scene.

Your social feeds are the ones that condo residents should go to for information on everything from Board meeting updates to where to have dinner in the neighborhood—so be the curator of community news, boost engagement, and show some local love!