Visitor Parking Management
Having trouble reigning in visitor parking? Do you have condo parking management issues?

Concierge Plus’ Parking Module is the ultimate solution to your condo or HOA’s visitor parking troubles. Using Concierge Plus, you can quickly set parking control options to limit how many times a resident can request a visitor parking pass in a given week or month; what times and days, or for how long, passes are valid; and ensure that residents are not requesting parking passes for vehicles registered to their suites. You can even differentiate between daytime and overnight passes!

Your Concierge, gatehouse, or security desk enters visitor information into a simple screen, and with one click prints a parking pass to be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard. It’s that simple!

Record and report on frequency of parking usage by unit, license plates, and determine peak parking usage times with an easy-to-use, friendly reporting system.

When it comes time for your security guard to make their rounds and ensure only known vehicles are parked, a summary parking report can be viewed on any mobile device; or use the same parking pass printer to have them take a copy on patrol.

Your community can optionally allow residents to print their own parking passes for guests for those cases where there is no one on-site to manage your parking facilities.

For added security, you can require that visitors digitally sign a signature pad when they are logged in.

Best of all, our dedicated Customer Success Specialists take care of all of the setup for you or your property manager by loading your resident and owner data, and are there for the long-run, providing unlimited training and support to your team.

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Visitor Parking Management can be used as an individual module, or as part of the suite of features offered by Concierge Plus.