Online Amenity Booking
Make it easy for residents to book your amenities online! Save time by letting residents see availability at their convenience, instead of having to call the management office or front desk.

Many condos and HOAs have amenities that take a lot of time and resources to manage because their availability is tracked in a binder or on a printed calendar. With Concierge Plus’ Amenity Booking module, you can set up all of your community’s amenities and let residents see and book online, any time!

Each amenity can be easily configured with its’ own rules: when it can be booked, for how long, and by whom. Everything from the service elevator to the party room and guest suites can be efficiently managed online. You will never have another double-booking!

If there are any documents, images, or forms that you’d like to distribute with your amenities, these can be easily attached and made available to anyone accessing a given amenity online.

Allowing your residents to book amenities online takes the hassle out of it, and you are sure to see increase use of the facilities your community has to offer, which will translate into happier residents, and happier staff that can spend their time with responsibilities other than checking when the elevator is free!

Your Concierge or security guard staff will know when an amenity is booked for a given day as soon as they log in to Concierge Plus.

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Online Amenity Booking can be used as an individual module, or as part of the suite of features offered by Concierge Plus.