Service Request Management
Tired of your paper-based forms for residents to make service requests? Let us help you convert your legacy process into an efficient, online system that works flawlessly, and lets you stay updated on what’s happening with each request.

Concierge Plus is the industry standard for online condo and apartment building management. Our suite of tools, including Service Requests, makes managing your building’s operations easy.

Service Requests lets you create a completely customized, online form which can be accessed from any desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device … anywhere. Your form can be customized with as many fields as you need to get the right information, and help save you time in dealing with each request. Residents can complete your service request form and submit their information from wherever they are. Once submitted, the request gets added to your building’s queue, so you can always see the status of all requests.

You can easily create a customized workflow for requests which distributes items to your building staff. Certain issues can be sent directly to your superintendent, mechanical team, even a third-party contractor.

Requests are always tracked by unit, so you’ll always be able to access a history of what happened. And full reporting features mean you can very quickly generate all of the information you need to update your board, your manager, or anyone else who is asking.

Concierge Plus also sends a daily or weekly digest (you choose!) to you to remind you of the status of what’s happening in your community.

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Service Requests can be purchased as an individual module, or as part of the Concierge Plus suite of tools for condos and buildings.