Package Tracking
Say good bye to sticky notes on mailboxes! Bring technology to your condo or HOA and digitally manage all of your packages and deliveries.

Concierge Plus’ package tracking module is easy-to-use and will instantly transform your manual process into an efficient, digital system.

When a courier truck pulls up, your Concierge or security guard just needs to pull out our barcode scanner to quickly and efficiently scan every package in. After each item has been identified, they push one button to quickly email, call, or text residents to let them know that their packages have arrived.

As residents pick-up their packages, they sign on a digital signature pad to permanently and securely confirm their identity.

Signature pad for property management

Property Managers and other administrative staff can quickly search for any package in the system (picked up or not) to find all of the details.

Items left for pick-up by residents are also managed in Concierge Plus. Each item is recorded with a unique number, and our system will even print a tag to apply to the item so it can easily be found in your storage area. As soon as the item is picked up, the resident will be notified by email, phone call, or text!

Digital Signage Screen

We also offer beautifully designed, digital lobby display screens which you can use to alert residents that items are available for pick-up. These screens are an incredible enhancement to a lobby or mail room.

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Package Tracking can be used as an individual module, or as part of the suite of features offered by Concierge Plus.