Permission-to-Enter Solution
Frustrated with a manual process for managing permission-to-enter instructions in your condo or building?

Here’s your answer.

Concierge Plus is the industry’s easiest and most cost-effective system for managing entry instructions for your residents. Residents or Concierge/security staff can manage instructions on a per suite/unit basis. Add friends, family, caregivers, and others that should have access to your suite. Add specific instructions to make sure specific individuals are not allowed access. It’s all easily done in a web-based environment from your desktop computer, tablet, or any mobile device!

All of your resident information is loaded into Concierge Plus making it very quick and simple to select a resident or unit, and add their permission-to-enter details.

Residents can also choose to be notified by email, text message, and/or phone call when their guest checks in. This is useful in situations like a housekeeper or dog walker arriving while you’re out at work or away. Residents can even choose to upload a photo of their guest to make sure that person is properly validated when they arrive!

If there’s a key left for the guest, that’s tracked also! The key being signed out and returned is managed by Concierge Plus, and you’ll always know which keys have yet to be returned. Signatures and photos of guests can also be optionally collected when they arrive. Concierge Plus makes it very easy to configure your permission-to-enter system to work just like you need it to.

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Entry Instructions (Permission-to-Enter) can be purchased for your condo or building as an individual feature, or as part of our broader suite of condo/HOA communication and management tools.