Concierge Plus Training
A high resident and staff adoption rate starts with great training. We’ve got you covered.

Training customized for you and your community is the cornerstone of your community’s success with any website or software solution. At Concierge Plus we recognize that your community’s successful adoption of our product relies on your team and residents knowing and understanding how to leverage the features and functionality of the platform.

There are three primary components to our training approach:

1) Training tailored to the unique needs of your community. We’ll understand exactly how your community will benefit from Concierge Plus most, and adapt our training accordingly.

2) Provided in a customized way to each of the different members of your community:

  • Security guards
  • Front desk staff
  • Administrative support
  • Property Managers
  • Board Members and Residents

3) At the right time:

  • Before your community website launches
  • Immediately after launch when the site is first being used
  • Whenever new staff or board members start using the website
  • When new features are added to the community website
  • On an ongoing basis to ensure that everyone in the community knows how to use the website and is receiving the best value as a result

We provide the most thorough training in the industry in both face-to-face and via live online training with one of our Customer Success Specialists!

We also have integrated, online Resident Guides, not to mention the easiest to use community website on the market, which means learning how to use Concierge Plus is fast and easy for everyone in your community.

Your Account Executive will be happy to come up with a training solution that meets your community’s needs.

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